First KCBS Sanctioned BBQ Competition, Franklin Indiana 6/22-23 2012.

 Great experience.  We were reminded how much we love doing what we do to endure the pressures of competition. We held our own and had extremely positive feedback from those individuals that tried our BBQ! Competition cooking is totally different from cooking for the public and/or Catering. Your best flavors and quality is there for both. But with competition, you stretch beyond what you know as “The Best In BBQ” to different flavor profiles, to see how much you can “WOW” the judges! Though this was only sanctioned competition so far, our plan is to forge on and revisit the experience at a later date. We met a lot a wonderful people. Mayor of Franklin Indiana, Mayor McGinness. was very helpful and enlightened us to the routine, so to speak, on the competition and offered any help if we had questions. We had a GREAT time!

Franklin-20120623-00194  Franklin-20120622-00192